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The Temple of Artemis & the city of Ephesus

Ephesus, at its peak, was the capital of Asia Minor and the second largest city after Rome. Ephesus takes its name from Ephesia, an Amazonian queen reputed to have built the city around 2000BC.

The city was perfect for a Hindi film punar-janam story. It flourished in many epochs, only to die out slowly till reborn in a new century. After its origin in 2000BC, it was again resurrected around 1000BC by a Greek general. Legend has it that he was looking for land to establish a city, and was told by an oracle to look for three new things. He saw fire, fish and a boar while visiting the site of Ephesus, and decided to rebuild the city. To test the surroundings, he had his lieutenants cut up three animals – healthy internals meant that there was fresh water and food nearby. Continue reading The Temple of Artemis & the city of Ephesus