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Vishnu and Lakshmi at Somnathpura. Click for more pics

A weekend not in vain


What would require more courage – standing in front of a bike speeding at 60 kmph, almost certain that the driver is not going to slow down, yet making all efforts to have him stop a few inches from you, with slim chances of escaping unhurt, or bearing down on a chain of people blocking the road, tightening your grip on the throttle to rush more fuel and air into the engine, trying to honk the imminent danger into the listener’s head, knowing fully well that if no one gives way, you would be involved in a bad accident, 75 km from home, and at least half that distance from good medical facilities, at the mercy of people you have injured on purpose?

Or maybe, you’d need more courage to be sitting pillion on such a bike, screaming at the rider to give in, having absolutely no control on the situation, praying fervently that you escape unscathed, logic pointing out that there was hardly a chance of that happening. Continue reading A weekend not in vain