And dreams move on

Written for a cousin who wanted something different for her SOP when applying to an MBA college. I suggested she write a poem, and then ended up writing it for her.

A strange river is this; this river of life
Lilted with joy, troubled by strife
The person I was to the person I am
Far have I come as trickles the sand

A little girl dreamed when the journey began
Visions she had of a life lived grand
The girl is gone, but her heart beats strong
In the young lady, the dreams live on

In the voice of the woman, the girl still sings
The songs of life and the lessons it brings
Of the hope that guides her, of the sights she has seen
Of the ports she has stopped at, and the life in between

The lady will age, changes will show
Along the river as she does flow
Some dreams will fade, some rise anew
But to her heart, she’ll always stay true


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