Magic Gardens at Koh Samui

One of the most fascinating places at Koh Samui is a valley called Magic Garden of Buddha. Unlike other places, it is not a religious spot. The open valley lies in a private estate chiefly used for growing durian ( a variety of fruit grown in Malaysia and Thailand). The owner – Nim Thongsuk – started carving statues in the valley in 1976 and over the next 23 years, with single-minded devotion, created a variety of stone statues in the valley.

The magic garden is no organized place. Statues of giant frogs sit beside denizens involved in a court performance. A huge bird picks an enormous snake off the ground, with a court marshal watching from a mast overhead.

Though haphazard in order, it was one of the finest places we visited. One cannot help but feel awe at the immense feat of creating an entire garden of statues over 20 years. Truly astonishing.


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