Breaking news: “I’m going to be bachelor no more” says Shrinath

A noted long standing bachelor is switching from bachelor to married camps this August.

Trusted sources tell us that Shrinath V, long considered as picky and choosy in making his choice of mate, finally found his match in Miss Sudha G, graduate from NITIE, after talks between them continued for more than a month.

“We never thought he would finally say Yes to anyone,” said his close friends. “He kept saying no time for this for the longest possible time. Then when he said yes to meet people, he would say no to proceeding further after just one meeting or conversation. He kept stating he would know when the right person came along, but considering the odds of him meeting the right person, we were on the verge of branding him an eternal bachelor.”

Our sources describe Sudha as a spirited, energetic and grounded lady; socially adept and imbued with a charming smile. We assume that she also has a lot of patience, persistence and flair to impress the bachelor.

Born to a Tamil family, Sudha spent her childhood in the idyllic expanses of Haldia where she picked up fluent Bengali, and reportedly, a love for exploration and travel. She went on to do her engineering at Kolkata, where in her own words, she “spent a lot of time debating about everything over chai and puchika (Kolkata’s version of paani poori), and warded off multiple expressions of interest from single male batchmates.” She kept stating that though they were friends, “there was something missing.”

After spending a little while working in Chennai and Melbourne, she then took up an MBA in NITIE, Mumbai, post which she currently works in the financial sector. She has recently taken up a job with Deutsche bank.

Sudha and Shrinath are reported to have spoken and met after a chance sighting of Shrinath’s details on a matrimony site by Sudha’s father. After initial expressions of “he seems to have too much attitude – she seems to not be my type,” both began conversing over phone, bills of which were kept low thanks to Airtel’s 1 paise per second plan. After innumerable conversations, mails and SMSes, the two decided to meet up in Bangalore to finally ‘decide’.

There is no clear sign on why she said Yes to the bachelor, but our sources suspect that she was impressed by his multiple trips to Leh – a place exotic in her eyes – and a certain mastery of words that he has been able to achieve over the years. As per his wont, the bachelor mulled over the proposition, and finally decided that if there was someone who could save him from his habit of cogitating about everything, it was her. The fact that they could converse in Hindi, English and more importantly, she laughed at his wisecracks helped a lot, he claimed.

Both families were overjoyed with the mutual assent and hurriedly started their preparations to seal the deal.

When contacted, Shrinath said, “Yes, we’re definitely more than just good friends. We got engaged on April 11th and the wedding is fixed for August 27th at Bangalore. We’re looking to spend some time together before the wedding in Bangalore.”

– Press reporter


6 thoughts on “Breaking news: “I’m going to be bachelor no more” says Shrinath”

  1. The news of the voluntary relinquishment by Mr. Shrinath V. of his days of bachelorhood has reportedly been received with much pleasure. Though unconfirmed reports from undisclosed sources have certainly expressed their bewilderment on the sudden present development, but nevertheless, the same has expressly attracted happy views from all quarters. In his special address to the happy couple, Advocate Mr. Gaurav Sahay has in expression of his profound pleasure not only made a personal call to Mr. Shrinath V. congratulating him on the happy development but also in addition has announced to offer his services to assist Mr. Shrinath (free of cost) for any issues relation to the documentation to the registration of his marriage. Though people have preferred to maintain strict silence on the fact, but in the air it seems evident that Mr. Shrinath V. shall be forced to share his joy with his associations in his New Delhi office by inviting them to an elaborate treat. As such, official sources have been said to advice Mr. Shrinath V. to come prepared financially in order to be able to bear any such expenditure in this regard.

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